Never Knowing

Being busy does not mean being productive, necessarily. I guess being productive depends on your perspective of what needs to get done. If your mission is to enjoy a day off and be lazy, going to the movies with an old friend and kicking back on the beach is a productive day. If your goal of the day is to get caught up on school work, house work and other errands, the previous hypothetical situation would be a really terrible way to spend your time.

I’ve had a certain phrase stuck with me for the last few weeks, since I read the random article it came from. Something about the ’20 things people in their 20’s need to know’ (it wasn’t very insightful for the most part). There was one bullet point that made me confused and curious: You should always be busy.

Why should I always be busy? Why can’t I relax? Their reasoning was because some dude who did something awesome spent 7 years straight to do that awesome thing and everyone should do the same in hopes of creating something awesome too. Which is a good thing if it inspires people to reach out and touch their own specific dream and make it a reality. But such a broad and semi-vague point to make….. always be busy, doing something.

Busy work isn’t always the best thing. Keeping yourself distracted from what’s inside of you; inside you’re head, inside your heart; it isn’t healthy. Spending all of your time trying to be something might leave you unsatisfied in the end… What if what you end up with isn’t what you wanted at all, and you spent so much time DOING and no time REFLECTING, you can’t even remember where things might have gotten mixed up?

In my opinion… the 1 thing every person of any age should know is.. balance. Balance is the key. There is a fine line of being too busy and not busy enough, and being busy for the right reasons or the wrong. Living a life of absolutes can be dangerous, while living a life of balanced options can be an eye-opening experience to the uncountable shades of beauty our existence creates. Then again, you can say that vice versa and it is true as well. So I guess all you can say is, find a balance between those two, right? 😉