Laugh, because it’s all going to be
More thank okay.
Listen, it’s important
what the Universe wants to say.
Balance, it’s what you learned.
All in the name of the game.
Love, what you so deeply desire
will come your way.

Patience, in your actions
don’t push too far.
Honesty, in your words
stay true to who you are.
Understanding, we’ve all been here before.
Passion, allow the flames in your heart to soar.

Listen to your soul.

I need time to think. Always, I need time to think.
I’m laughing Universe. I’ve seen the give and take that was done tonight.
I understand a little more than I did before.

I did this, essentially, to another just before now. It was the other way around. And now, it’s my turn. It was always more than being kind, like I thought it was only back then… it’s about being true. Being you. And so much more, but still.

Thankful and grateful.


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